No Shooting Burs

The mechanism of our spindle and chuck assembly guarantees the burs from dropping or shooting into patient's mouth during dentist's operating. Patient's safety is our number one concern when manufacturing the spindles.

Initial Griping Force

Over 4.4 lbf (about 2 kgf).

Griping Force During Spindle's Life Time

Due to its mechanism, the griping force is increased greatly when the bur touches the working area.

Griping force would decreased slightly due to frequent sterilization process. We warranty our spindle in working condition for one full calendar year and in most cases it works well exceeding 1.5 years.

The griping force can be increased largely when dentist push the bur a little bit toward back before operating.


The concentricity of TDS spindles is within .00059" (OEM measurement).

Excellent fabrication ensures not only to mount and to dismount bur smoothly but also to press back cap ultra lightly.

TDS Spindle's Background

Our spindle has been in North America's dental handpiece industry since 2004.

Our experience came from large quantity usages by our OEM buyers worldwide. Without nearly a decade in field OEM supplier experience we would not be able to introduce the industry best price at the best warranty to the world dental repairing market.

Important Issues When Installing The Spindles

Never apply force to push button.

Never squeeze the spindles or apply sharp force to spindle cylindrical surface.

Never use non-standard bearings and impellers. The inside dimension of bearings and impeller has to be within proper tolerance in order to work with high quality spindle. It is unusual that dental bearings have wrong I.D. since most of bearing companies have adequate machining to ensure precisions that a quality spindle required. However, it's quiet often to see improper I.D. impellers in the market. Therefore to only use reputed manufacturer's impellers will greatly help most of technician who either has no proper measurements or has no time at all.

Factors Affect The Life Of Dental Handpiece

High quality handpiece must come with a good turbine and a good handpiece shell. A good quality spindle will definitely lay a very strong foundation for a good turbine. However, high speed handpiece is a high precision medical instrument. Its working speed is usually exceed 400,000 RPM and it also has to withstand the frequent harsh autoclave process.

At a high spinning each part of turbine contributes to the life of turbine. A superior spindle with a high quality impeller needs equipped with superior bearings as well. Every piece has to be assembled precisly. Finally it needs a good dynamic balancing to make a long life turbine.

A good turbine has to be matched with a good shell with an excellent aerodynamic environment. The well built handpiece has to be operated at the designed operating pressure. In the end the correct usage and maintenance also play an important role of prolong a high quality handpiece's life.

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